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What is New Life Baptist Church?

     New Life Baptist is a church plant out of Friendship Baptist Church of Owasso. We were graciously given a three acre property with a building completely debt free. The family that graciously gave this property said we could have it as long as we kept it a church. Of course, we could not turn our back on this opportunity. How often do church planters get a building and property completely debt free right from the start? It was something that we could not pass up. We want to use this opportunity to further the Gospel in and around Locust Grove and to reach the world through missions.

     We are planting New Life Baptist Church ultimately because we want to share the Gospel with the people of the Locust Grove community. After doing some research we have come to find out that there is not a BBFI church in that area and we want to be the first one. We want to

be a church that is missions minded and teaches the community to love missions as well. We want to be able to do this as a mission of Friendship Baptist Church and by partnering with the Oklahoma fellowship and the BBFI. We want to start a church that teaches the Great Commission and shows its people how to fulfill it.. Matthew 28:18-20 is pretty clear on what we are called to do as believers and I want to be the first missions minded independent baptist church in the area that teaches it as well.

     Another reason we are planting New Life Baptist Church is because of the area's growth. Yes, Locust Grove is predominantly small in population but the area in and around it is growing. Big companies in the area are hiring huge amounts of people and these people are moving from all over. We want these people to know that they have a place they can belong. We want them to know that as they start their new lives they can start it by going to New Life Baptist Church. We want everyone to know that New Life Baptist Church loves God, loves the community, and loves missions.

Our Mission

     Our mission here at New Life Baptist Church is to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). We want to see souls saved and lives changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also want to fulfill the mission of Romans 10:13-15. We want to be a missions minded church.

We want to be a church that not only supports missions but sends missionaries as well.

Our Pastor & Wife

    Growing up, Scott and Livey did have different lives, but there was one thing that we can tell was the same…God’s love and His mercy. Both of us grew up going to Bible believing, Bible preaching churches that love missions. Scott attended Overland Park Baptist Temple, Overland Park, Kansas, pastored by Tracy Roby and Livey attended Friendship Baptist Church, Owasso, Oklahoma pastored by Linzy Slayden.


     They both realized going to these churches that we were sinners in need of a Savior and accepted Christ. Livey accepted Christ at twelve, Scott accepted Christ at seven. As they grew they both loved getting to serve and participate in different ministries around their churches. While serving they both felt that God was calling us to full time ministry.


     Scott and Livey answered the call that God had on our lives and decided to pursue it. They went to BBC at different times and that is where they met and got married in March of 2020. Livey graduated in 2020 with a business degree but said that one of her biggest dreams was being a pastor’s wife. Scott graduated this last year in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies.


     While at BBC Scott and Livey served together at Cherry Street Baptist Church where they found a love for helping grow ministries. The first ministry they served in together was the bus ministry. In that ministry they saw so many kids trust in Christ and families start coming to church. That is when the Lord impressed upon us the burden to save and revitalize ministries.

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Our Support

     New Life Baptist Church is a church plant launched out of Friendship Baptist Church in Owasso, Oklahoma. Our financial support is through Friendship Owasso and other like-minded churches and ministries. If you would like to support our ministry, click here and write "New Life Church Plant" in the notes section, or send a check to:

ATTN: New Life Church Plant

Friendship Baptist Church

14100 E 86th St N

Owasso, OK 74055

Launch Details

     While we would love to launch as soon as possible we have to wait. Everything will happen in the Lord’s timing. Our hope is to soon start doing some events in town and start some small interest Bible studies while we wait for our building to become people ready. We hope that we will start work on the building as soon as the legal hoops have been jumped through. With that being said it is our hope and prayer that we will be able to dedicate our building and more importantly have the official launch of our church on Easter of 2023.